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The third brother, Andrew, survived the war and later moved to Tennessee. Andrew Jackson would one day be President of the United States. He never forgave the British for what happened at the Waxhaws during the American Revolution. Ferguson's army was the westernmost of these three forces, and there is something interesting that many people don't realize. He did not have a single soldier from Great Britain! Along the way he recruited other men from the South Carolina countryside.

Some of the South Carolinians who joined Ferguson were loyal to the crown. Some of them fought with Ferguson because they thought the British would win the war.

The Overmountain Men

Some were forced to join at gunpoint. In September, he issued a written warning to the frontiersmen to lay down their arms or he would "lay waste to their country with fire and sword. Isaac Shelby, a leader in what is now Sullivan County, Tennessee, received this warning. He rode to meet with John Sevier, who was in Jonesborough at the time.

Shelby and Sevier decided to try to raise an army that would link up with other rebellious forces and fight Ferguson before he moved west. Most of these men had no military training. None of them had uniforms. Some didn't even have shoes! But they were skilled with rifles.

Many had previous experience fighting against Native Americans. And they were furious at Ferguson for issuing such a threat. These men said goodbye to their wives, their sons and their daughters, not knowing if they would ever see them again. We know the exact route that they took. The weather did not cooperate. It rained the first night, and the Overmountain Men kept their gunpowder dry by putting it under a natural embankment called Shelving Rock. They crossed the peak of the mountain range at Yellow Mountain Gap, which is now a stop along the Appalachian Trail.

However, very few of us alive today could do what they did.

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These men marched, walked and rode miles in two weeks! A few days later, they tracked down Ferguson's army on one of the few hills in that part of South Carolina. Why Ferguson chose this hill, known by the locals as Kings Mountain, is a mystery to this day. Since Ferguson was from Scotland, which is mountainous, some historians think that he felt comfortable on top of hills.

He clearly believed his forces would have a strategic advantage on top of the foot hill. The colonial forces split into groups and surrounded the mountain. Ferguson's men lined up and prepared to defend themselves. The patriot forces yelled at the top of their lungs and charged up the hill. They fired, ducked behind the nearest rock or tree to reload, and fired again.

They used tactics they had learned from fighting Native Americans on the frontier. Ferguson's men fired, and reloaded, and fired again. On at least two occasions, his men affixed bayonets to their rifles and charged down the hill. The Overmountain Men who didn't have the types of rifles on which bayonets can be afffixed ran from the bayonets.

The God Of Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob |

But after Ferguson's men headed back up to defend the top of the hill, the Overmountain Men chased them. One fellow shaved me pretty close, for his bullet took a piece of my gun-stock. Before I was aware of it, I found myself apparently between my own regiment and the enemy. The shot of the enemy soon began to pass over us like hail; the first shock was quickly over, and for my own part, I was soon in a profuse sweat.

My lot happened to be in the center, where the severest part of the battle was fought. We soon attempted to climb the hill, but were fiercely charged upon and forced to fall back to our first position. We tried a second time, but met the same fate; the fight then seemed to become more furious.

Their leader, Ferguson, came into full view, within rifle shot as if to encourage his men, who by this time were falling very fast; he soon disappeared. We took the hill a third time; the enemy gave way. Another soldier, Leonard Hice, was shot five times -- twice in the left arm, once in his left leg, once in his right knee and once in the chest.

He kept firing after the first two bullets, to his arm, and he did so by resting his rifle against a tree. Today, we believe that the men shooting from the bottom of the hill were more likely to hit their targets than the men shooting down at them, in part because of the rocks and trees they could hide behind. About the time colonial soldiers made their way to the top of the hill, they killed Ferguson. If you like crossresults.

# Abraham Offers Isaac on Mt. Moriah (Genesis )

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