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This dance captures the unique body movements of Dai Dance that reflects the cordial and gentle nature of this ethnic group.

They are famous for their production of Pu Er Tea. Dancing and singing are second nature to the Aini people. In this program, while listening to the folk song titled Magical Village by famous Aini singer MI Xian, the audience will enjoy Ainis cultural traditions of tea brewing and folk dancing by girls clapping to the rhythm and wearing spectacular ceremonial costumes. Most Tibetans practice Tibetan Buddhism.

In addition, Madam Yang provides insight into her artistic and casting choices for Tibetan Mystery.

Farming of Australia : A Saga of Backbreaking Toil and Tenacity

Inner Mongolians, in general, are known to excel at horse riding. The span of the great plain has cultivated the openness and strength in this ethnic group and nurtured their vigorous, bold and energetic dances. An interview with MA Yue provides an insight into the conceptual and artistic choices made in the creation of this dance piece.

Nowadays, this tradition named Yangko flourishes everywhere, on the streets, in classrooms and on stages. This program showcases a myriad of Yangko forms, both on and off stage, including Northeastern Yanko, Shandong Yanko and Shanbei Yanko, each has its distinctive features. Building shows from the ground up - called devising, a form of improvisational, collaborative theater - is at the heart of the highly acclaimed troupe.

This program provides insight into the devising process, from first thoughts to first night. Viewed by many as the preeminent dramatist of our time, Nobel laureate Harold Pinter was also an accomplished actor, steeped in the relationship between text and performance. In this program, produced two years prior to his death, he advises a group of actors as they conduct staged readings of scenes from his plays.

In addition, Pinter grants a candid and detailed interview, accompanied by his friend and longtime collaborator, director Henry Woolf.

Viewers learn how to efficiently market themselves as excellent job candidates. In this program, viewers discover how to expand their network, find open positions, stay motivated, and overcome employment obstacles. With the help of this three-part series, viewers learn the best networking strategies; receive resume and cover letter ideas and tips; and discover the best ways to prepare for and ace the interview.

While the DVDs do not need to be shown sequentially, the best impact is for job seekers to view all three. Best uses include use in group workshops or Job Clubs; to supplement a job search or work prep curriculum; for individual study and research; or for use in traditional educational settings of all types.

Digging deep into history, Kumar offers a sweeping analysis of the changing views of Islam and Muslims in the West, examining the ways that ruling elites have long used the specter of a "Muslim enemy" to justify their imperial projects. And she shows how this increasingly menacing view of Islam has shaped public opinion and foreign policy in the United States over time.

And she presents facts and a wealth data in response, expertly exposing and debunking the most deep-seated myths about Muslims and Islam that have taken root in the American imagination. Tim Wise, one of the nation's foremost authorities on the costs and consequences of white privilege, breaks down the racial politics that were at work during the presidential election, arguing that Trump's race-baiting success with white voters was not a departure from American political norms but the continuation of a longstanding pattern of fear-based racial scapegoating.

American public education is at a crossroads. For years now, public schools across the country have been struggling, desperately short on funds while facing extreme political pressure to improve student performance. For advocates of public education, these struggles have been a major cause for concern. Filmmaker and parent Brian Malone travels to public school districts across the country to see for himself what the privatization movement is all about, and to determine what it would mean for his own kids if we abandoned our public school system.

Weaving striking footage from school protests and raucous school board meetings with commentary from some of the best-known educators in the country, Malone shows how private investors, large education corporations, and other for-profit interests have been quietly and systematically privatizing America's public education system under the banner of "school choice. The result is a powerful and deeply personal look at a pivotal moment in the history of American education.

This exhaustive biography covers the tumultuous career of the failed Austrian artist who nearly conquered the world: a series of events and people, a chemistry of history and current happenings, a confluence of economic, psychological, and political forces that turned a thousand minor, innocuous events into a huge and murderous whole. There had been wars before, and slave labor, and genocide, and treaties made to be broken, and propagandists who came to believe their own propaganda; what made this experience different is what is documented in this program: its vast scope, its documentation on film, and its central character, Adolf Hitler.

This program presents closely analyzed examples that show how sexism and antisexism may be contained in language used in song lyrics, everyday conversation, newspaper reports, written conventions, and satire. The film locates the origins of pride in sites of grassroots resistance and revolt, going back to the anti-police Stonewall uprising led by queer and trans people of color in It then traces how the deeply political roots of pride morphed into the depoliticized big-business PRIDE- spectacles of today -- multimillion-dollar events designed to project an image of tolerance and equality rather than calling attention to the relationship between normative identity, power, and sexual repression.

The film also offers a stunning case study in the politics of "pinkwashing," detailing how the government of Israel has used its purported tolerance of gay rights to deflect attention away from its systematic repression of Palestinian human rights. Speaking Matters. What does it take for students to be effective oral communicators?

Veteran teacher and author Erik Palmer answers that important question. Hepresents an approach to teaching speaking skills that is focused on preparing students for 21st century communication both inside and beyond the classroom. Throughout the video, Palmer provides his expert advice on how teachers can focus on oral communication in their classroom and how these techniques can be implemented on a school-wide basis.

His call for a conjunctural analysis of this moment, placing race and crime at the center, is not only prescient, but, given recent developments, absolutely necessary to our political survival. Davis Distinguished Professor Emerita, University of California - Santa Cruz In this interview conducted shortly before his death in , Stuart Hall, one of the seminal figures in cultural studies, talks about his classic work Policing the Crisis, describes the political, symbolic, and material concerns that animated cultural studies in the s, and offers a critical assessment of the field today.

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He then turns his attention to the always shifting terrain of race and identity in the United States and Britain, offering fascinating cultural and political insights into the presidency of Barack Obama and the Olympics in London. While Hall was physically ill for much of his later life, this final interview provides powerful testimony that his formidable intellect, sense of humor, and willingness to engage with the gritty realities of politics and power never deserted him.

An absolutely essential resource for anyone interested in cultural studies. Valerius surveys the dominant white, light-skinned, and thin ideals of beauty that circulate in the culture, from fashion magazines to film and music video, and talks with African-American girls and women about how these images affect the way they see themselves.

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When transitioning out of incarceration, individuals face many barriers to a successful reentry. Through a positive, encouraging approach, the program motivates individuals to become self-sufficient and make the right decisions to put themselves on track to a successful reentry. Viewers gain valuable tip sand insight from experienced professionals working in reentry programs.

The video series also features formerly incarcerated individuals who describe their reentry experiences in candid, honest interviews that will resonate with viewers. Each program is approximately 25 minutes and is sub-titled in English. Volume 5 offers what this dynamic twosome saw, where they went, and the people and events that made these places special. They offer a touch of history and cultural insight before shoving off to the next destination.

Bestselling Series

It will be of interest to many whether they arrive in Greece and Turkey by sailboat, cruise ship, or airplane. At Good Old Boat, we remind our readers through our Cruising Memories articles, Reflections, the center spread, and so on about the joy of sailing. In this way we all are reminded of the real reason for working on our boats: so we can sail. The Shards take it one step further. They remind us why we sail: so we can visit interesting places and meet interesting people.

With their very professional video presentations, Paul and Sheryl Shard invite us along on a world cruise. This is really six books in one. The sixth, a page book on troubleshooting marine diesels by Peter Compton, was added for completeness. I really like the content and presentation of this book; it would have helped us to be better prepared for the first inspection of our boat, even though she was relatively new.

They should help give any owner the confidence to take on more and more boat projects. We all expect some age-related deterioration in our vessels and thus will expect to benefit from the sections on refinishing. He continues with more details on batteries, wire and circuits, troubleshooting, charging systems and, finally, AC systems. He begins with a short section on surveying the engine that will again be a great help to a first time boat buyer.

The basic sub-systems of the engine are nicely treated and integrate well into the section on routine maintenance. The section on troubleshooting includes some very helpful flow diagrams to guide the reader through a logical work process. Since the focus is on sailboats, Don finishes off with a nice section on canvaswork and sail repair.

It will help any first time boat buyer be better prepared for that first detailed inspection.

Cheap australia farming deals

By giving an owner a good understanding of all the steps involved in a project, this book may also help some owners decide which tasks they would prefer to hand over to a professional. If you have considered taking a sojourn there, this video is well worth your money. It is a professionally edited and well-photographed look at the features that would call to a boater.

With pleasing narration, ambient sounds, and occasional use of music, the information is easy on the senses. There are clear images of notable landmarks and descriptions of the plentiful small anchorages and their holding bottoms. There is also good footage of the wildlife and feature photography from onboard looking to shore, as well as onshore coverage of various anchorages. Yet it is geared toward those who would wish to be on the water, as the greater bulk of the information is shown from onboard a center cockpit split rig.

Additional inputs from Bill McNeely, author of Cruising Catalina Island, help paint the picture of this ripe overnight sailing destination. The west coast of Vancouver Island is a grand, lightly visited cruising ground. Most sailors cruise this coast by doing a circumnavigation, going up the inside, and then sailing down the outside with the prevailing northwest winds abaft the beam.

The Farming of Australia : A Saga of Backbreaking Toil and Tenacity - fissingdrivma.tk

Elsie Hulsizer and her husband, Steve, did not have the vacation time required to do this during their working years. Instead, they would sail out the Strait of Juan de Fuca, then work their way up the coast of Vancouver Island, sailing against the prevailing summer winds.

  • They Shall Have Stars: Cities in Flight Book 1;
  • The Bahá'í World.
  • Eighteen (The Black Swan Series Book 1).

Hence the title of her book. Elsie is an accomplished photographer, and her pictures make this book enjoyable for a wide audience.