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The founder of a troubled poop-testing startup repeatedly lied about her age
  1. Cubic poop: Scientists crack mystery of wombats' square-shaped faeces
  2. What is normal poop?
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Cubic poop: Scientists crack mystery of wombats' square-shaped faeces

This scale is an overarching indicator of how and why different types of poops look or feel a certain way. Appearance: Hard and separate little lumps that look like nuts and are hard to pass. Indicates: Doctors also consider this a normal poop that should happen every one to three days. Appearance: These are small, like the first ones, but soft and easy to pass.

What is normal poop?

The blobs also have clear cut edges. Indicates: This type of poop means you are lacking fiber and should find ways to add some to your diet through cereal or vegetables. Indicates: This too-soft consistency could be a sign of mild diarrhea. Try drinking more water and fruit juice to help improve this. According to Mayo Clinic, even a hint of green is considered healthy. But if your poop is veering toward other ends of the rainbow, you might want to assess.

Like we mentioned, hints of green are actually quite normal. Pale poop could also be a side-effect of certain medications like anti-diarrhea medicine. Either way, if it continues, you should probably consult a doctor. There are other less-serious reasons for the change in color. Foods like beets, cranberries, red gelatin, or tomato juice can turn poop red as well. Greasy, stinky, yellow stool is typically a sign of too much fat. As alarming as this seems, all it means is that the stool is less dense than the others that sink.

Best The Gentleman's Guide images | Gentleman, Gentleman rules, Gentleman quotes

One potential reason for this lack of density can come from an increased amount of gas or water, as one study found. If this is the case, the other abnormalities previously mentioned, like slight constipation, would also be present. It may seem like you already have a good grasp on what constipation is, but according to the Mayo Clinic, constipation is defined as having less than three bowel movements per week.

There could be many reasons you experience this lack of pooping. Blockages or nerve issues in and around the colon or rectum may slow down pooping, as can problems with pelvic muscles. Conditions that affect hormones, like pregnancy or diabetes, could also be the culprit. Drinking lots of fluids, staying active, and managing stress can also all help to alleviate constipation.

If any less-urgent, abnormal pooping habits carry on for more than a couple days, you should talk to a healthcare professional. A green poop here or hard poop there happens to the best of us.


The same goes for changes that are less concerning. Most seriously, chronic constipation can obstruct the bowels, while chronic diarrhea can make it difficult for a person to absorb necessary nutrients from food. Both chronic constipation and chronic diarrhea could even be a sign for more serious conditions. Again, the first sign of either of these should not be immediate cause for concern, but keep an eye on it and see if it lasts more than a few days. That said, pay attention to any signs of blood.

As quick as we are to write it off, our poop can provide a wealth of knowledge about our health and ourselves. The toilet bowl is a window into your health and you. Emily Rekstis is a New York City-based beauty and lifestyle writer who writes for many publications, including Greatist, Racked, and Self.

It was a total blowout, the kind that oozed out of his pull-up and straight down his legs. An employee escorted my disgusting toddler off the playground. He was… annoyed.

I apologized profusely. I told him I would clean it all up. I felt like a bad mom. I bent down to rummage through my bag for wipes and new pants. As I stood back up, the man was still there. Still staring.

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Since then, my son has grown up a bit. He kicked a kid on the playground. He screamed a curse word in class. As he gets older, I am finding myself less able to clean up his messes and mistakes. There is only so much we can fix as parents. There is only so much we can prevent. You can try every single tactic and consequence. You can read all the books.

As our children grow older, they will have to be responsible for their own crap.